Merging SMEs Towards Optimisation

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Did you know combining value advances markets when there is a foci of IPR and the Blockchain?

Competitive Landscape

Understanding the Wider Impact

Executive Overview

Conglomerate One is a platform that will bring together various types of Small Medium-sized Enterprises (the “SMEs”) to realise common goals either through vertical, horizontal and conglomerate relations of every SMEs that exist in the world, not to mention the ones that will emerge as time progresses. The relationships will be based on the concept of merger and acquisition between and or among the SMEs, which shall be under one fundamental organisation, the Conglomerate One. The phrase SMEs has attracted various definitions across the globe, thus, the legislative houses, non-governmental organisations and or financial institutions have all thrown weight into defining and or taking advantage of the challenges coming along with SMEs.

It is evident that even in fields where well established companies could only take part in, for instance, issuance of Securities / Stock (the Initial Public Offering or Follow-on Public Offerings – “IPO” and “FPO” respectively), the current practice is welcoming SMEs to harness funding through use of issuance of Securities.

Our Internationalisation Approach

Conglomerate One will enhance the process of Internationalisation of SMEs. Internationalisation of SMEs is defined by WTO “ how a firm conducts business activities in foreign countries through indirect exports, direct exports, international subcontracting (licensing or outsourcing) or investment.” Therefore, any SMEs dealing in the above and or intend to widen their respective spectrum, are likely to be internationalised through mergers and acquisitions. The analysis of WTO provides that Internationalisation of SMEs takes places in four steps, which include the traditional gradual approach; “born global”; “born-again global”; and global value chain participation. The use of Conglomerate One will reduce the traditional gradual growth of SMEs but span the born global, born-again global and global value chain participation through effective use of merger and acquisitions.

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