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Chairman: Ian Tyner :: Conglomerate One

Welcome to the next stage of Conglomerate One, the future encompasses not just scaling, but RESCALE.

Creating Competency Of Shared Stake

When businesses collide for the better they tend to end up merging for optimisation, as is in the case for Conglomerate One- is there really a more clear route to reaching a shared stake then that action?

Technical Treatise Of Actuary Dividends

There are many difficulties that a conglomerate can veer from in the global age- but how really can a merging of value accrue, when the technical treatise of actuary dividends is not clearly visible?

Negative Gearing Work For Trust Reciprocity

When work is done, negative gearing is not an issue, however it can become complicated if there is no reciprocity- what problems have your company encountered with work trust when considering a merger?

Available Growth Course Trajectory

Every venture that is bestowed with the possibility of scaling, eventually has to consider to merge resources- what direction does the trajectory of your company hold for future fusings?

Fortunating Catalystic Product

How can the fortune of catalystic product really manifest in the market environment that Conglomerate One provides?

Arbitrating Value With Platform

Properly arbitrating so that organisations can live up to their potential is the platform of Conglomerate One, how does a company resolve for substantial value?

Merging SMEs Internationally

With the vision of merging innovative SMEs internationally, in what capacity can the next emergence of the core company manifest?

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